"Your body will feel invigorated and ready for tomorrows lifestyle. "
Christy O’Connor (Junior) Golfer.

"We have recently purchased massage chairs. I cannot emphasize enough the huge benefits our service users are getting from their use: The many advantages include: Relaxation, distressing, mood lift, pain relief and something to look forward to. All ages use it. It is invaluable, I am only sorry I didn’t purchase them years ago. "
Oonagh Flynn. St. Christopher’s Day Centre, Longford.

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3D Transformer Cube Massage Chair

A fun Compact Massage Chair which creates more living space. It’s a Cube, it’s a Stool, its 3D Massa..

€1,795.00 €1,495.00

Alpha-Techno 599I massage chair

The Luxury Massage Chair is controlled by a microcomputer that performs a variety of intelligent mas..


Human Touch

TAKE THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD OFF YOUR BACK. On earth, there’s no escaping gravity. But now there i..



Inada Multistar 2008 Massage Chair

Massage techniques.Shiatsu, stretching massage, kneading, relaxation massage knock 1 + knead 2, an..

€5,200.00 €4,950.00


Sanyo DR5700 Massage Chair

The drum roll massage leaves you with a feeling close to that of a shoulder massage you'd get at h..

€5,200.00 €4,500.00


Sanyo HEC-DR7700 Massage Chair

Seating comfort that reduces the load on your body by appropriately distributing ..

€5,700.00 €4,950.00


Sanyo HEC-DR8700 Massage Chair

How the most advanced Sensor Technology can enhance massage. Human beings can suffer from..

€5,700.00 €4,950.00