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Product Code: Neck & Shoulder Massager

The Power Drum Massager an excellent massager to relieve neck & shoulder aches with Cervical Mineral Belt and Infra red.

Drum-massager, adopting the latest scientific and technological achievements, imitating the hammering and beating actions from the professional masseuse on the human body. It can help open the channels fully onto your acupuncture points and joints. Its built-in Mineral Salt under constant temperature from its Infared Ray can rapidly penetrate into the skin and muscle tissue, promote cell movement, and release fatigue.


  • Two-point hammering
  • 18 kinds of emulation mode
  • Mineral salt comfort adjusting
  • 3 Level Constant temperature, IR release
  • Knee joints hammering, revive blood cells and remove frozen blood


  • Drum Massager
  • Instructions for use
  • Supply in a 5 color display box