Why should I use a Massage Chair?

The experience of the world's oldest healing method, combined with the latest technology, makes the private massage treatment an extraordinary experience of relaxation, balance and physical wellbeing.

The modern, everyday-stressed man of today has almost become accustomed to living with tensions. Especially in the neck and neck region and in the lumbar vertebral region, more or less chronic pain has arisen. Painful back pain, but also discomforts such as migraine, nervousness or Insomnia can be alleviated by targeted and above all regular massage. A massage could often work miracles.

What is shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage involves applying pressure and motion at specific points of the body. The body has more than 350 pressure points aligned with the internal organs along the meridians. Stimulation of specific pressure points through kneading, tapping or pressing can energize the internal organs, relieve physical and mental stress and relax your body and mind.

If I buy a Massage Chair, is it difficult to install or set up?

Once you purchase a Massage Chair, it will be delivered to your home or office. All Massage Chairs come 99% assembled with just a few simple installations.

Who should NOT use the Massage Chair?

People who are under a doctor's care or who have any one or more of the following conditions should consult their doctor before using the massage chair: heart disease, high fever, malignant tumour, during pregnancy or menstruation, spine abnormality, diabetic, osteoporosis, sensory disorders, back disorder, severe interruption in the circulation of the legs, bedridden. Do not use the chair to massage injuries or areas of the body under treatment. Do not use the chair if you have a medical electrical device (e.g. pacemaker). Do not use the massage chair if you are sick. To do so may exacerbate the condition or cause other serious problems. If in doubt check with your doctor.

Can I try or view a product before purchase?

We prefer all customers to try our products before purchasing. In this way we can recommend the product most suited to your requirements. We have showrooms in Dublin where we see people on an appointment basis.

Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT. A breakdown of the VAT included is shown on the invoice along with our VAT number.

What happens after placing my order?

You don’t need to do anything, so just look forward to your delivery! After placing your order, your order will be immediately dealt with and we will begin to dispatch it. You will also be emailed with your official invoice and we will contact you should we need to speak to you about your delivery. Delivery is by DHL and they will contact you to arrange delivery times. Delivery is approx. 2 weeks from order...

What happens when my chair has a problem?

In the event a Massage Chair requires service or repair, the company that sold you the Massage Chair would return to repair the chair. In the event an onsite repair was not possible the chair would be returned to our repair centre in Dublin. After repair the massage chair would be returned to your home or office.