Human Touch
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TAKE THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD OFF YOUR BACK. On earth, there’s no escaping gravity. But now there is a way to escape the soreness, tension and fatigue its constant pulling has on the back. Introducing the human touch™ 7450, the world’s first massage chair that incorporates the latest advances in both massage and back-care technology to virtually defy gravity’s adverse effects. As the HT-7450 reclines, its back, seat and footrest synchronously move to position the body in a virtually weightless condition – the ideal posture for massage. From there, the patented human touch massage system™ goes to work, providing a deep, invigorating massage of the neck, back and legs, leaving you feeling refreshed and recharged. The HT-7450 is the first chair of its kind. And with its revolutionary design and numerous engineering advancements, back pain – and gravity – will no longer keep you down.