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3D Transformer Cube Massage Chair

A fun Compact Massage Chair which creates more living space. It’s a Cube, it’s a Stool, its 3D Massa..

€1,795.00 €1,495.00

Alpha Techno - AT328

·         Premium high end shiatsu massage product· &nb..


Alpha-Techno 599I massage chair

The Luxury Massage Chair is controlled by a microcomputer that performs a variety of intelligent mas..


Family - FED 500

·         Premium high end massage product·   ..


Panasonic MA70 Hot Stone Massage Lounger

The Panasonic MA70 Hot Stone Massage Lounger brings an oasis of relaxation to your salon, home, or o..



Sanyo DR5700 Massage Chair

The drum roll massage leaves you with a feeling close to that of a shoulder massage you'd get at h..

€5,250.00 €4,500.00


Sanyo HEC-DR7700 Massage Chair

Seating comfort that reduces the load on your body by appropriately distributing ..

€5,750.00 €4,950.00