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Product Code: Panasonic MA70 Hot Stone Massage Lounger


The Panasonic MA70 Hot Stone Massage Lounger brings an oasis of relaxation to your salon, home, or office.

In the modern world, nothing is quite so important as finding a moment of peace. Now you can step away from the hustle and bustle and treat yourself to a break with a relaxing massage – the oldest form of treatment in our culture. The Panasonic MA70 massage chair is your personal masseur and a stylish piece of relaxing furniture in one with incredible features not found elsewhere.

Hot Stone: Relaxation Through Warmth

This premium model gets its name from the traditional Chinese hot stone treatment where hot stones are places on the body. Warming massage heads inside the chair ensure your muscles relax completes. It brings another level to massage chairs, and is a feeling you cannot get elsewhere.

Traditional Massage Styles

Like a real masseur, the Panasonic MA70 massage chair masters not only offers the hot stone treatment, but also all traditional techniques. Whether it is shiatsu, deep, neck, shoulder, back or Junetsu massage, the variety guarantees you a range of relaxation that is always tailored to your specific needs.

A Really Special Stretch Program

Sitting or standing for long periods or uneven strain on the body can lead to hip and lumbar problems. You can prevent this using specific relaxing stretches for the lower back. The Panasonic MA70 massage chair has a special stretch program which gently stretches your pelvic muscles using comfortable air cushions in the back-rest, giving you the energy to start over again.

Automatic Body Scan

The Panasonic MA70 massage chair has an automatic body scan mode which uses a grid of pressure sensors to detect your size and position of your shoulders and spinal column and adjust itself accordingly. This gives you an individual massage exactly where you want it.

A Pamper Program all of your Own

You can also put together your own individual pamper massage and enjoy it again and again thanks to a handy save function. Maybe you fancy a relaxing neck and back treatment followed by a deep massage. The Panasonic MA70 massage chair makes your wishes come true and offers perfect relaxation.

Simple to Use

Relaxation beings with simple, intuitive operation. So all the functions of the MA70 are clearly displayed on the remote control. There is also an optional voice output option which explains the options you have selected.

Sit or Lie in Perfect Comfort

The Zero Gravity Position on the Real Pro Hot Stone gives a feeling of weightlessness. This position is very good for taking strain off the spinal discs.
Your Oasis of Peace

The Panasonic MA70 massage chair has a timelessly elegant design in black and ivory faux leather and compact design, making it a stylish addition to any living space (beige subject to current availability). It can become a lounger or a recliner in one smooth motion.
Recommended by Medical Professionals

Medical professionals recommend taking massages to relax and ease muscle tension, especially for people suffering physical pain and stress. Ease your pain with the Panasonic MA70 hot stone massage chair. Please consult consult your doctor or physiotherapist about any undefined back problems before using intensive massages.
Other features of the Panasonic MA70

    Massage lounger and recliner in one
    Rotating leg-rest
    Automatic lowering
    Steeples adjustment of seating position up to 170 degrees
    Automatic shoulder positioning with Bodyscan
    Hot Stone massage feature (warming massage heads)
    Shiatsu massage option
    Swedish massage option
    Junetsu massage option
    Calf massage (lymphatic drainage)
    Shoulder massage
    Neck massage
    Arm massage and hand massage
    Reflexology option
    Special Stretch program for the whole body
    Memory function for own program compilation
    Zero Gravity Position
    Rotating footrest
    Timer with automatic shutoff