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Product Code: Sanyo HEC-DR7700 Massage Chair

Seating comfort that reduces the load on your body by appropriately distributing your body's weight. To deliver a more relaxing massage, SANYO has developed a new reclining mechanism that creates a just-fit feeling, enveloping your body. The sensation of weightlessness - SANYO's new massage style.

The DR7700 has a zero gravity setting which reclines to a comfortable position providing a feeling of weightlessness for total relaxation. By also tilting the seat surface in this position, the lower back position is stabilised, so that the massage heads fit firmly against the body for a more complete massage. A second zero gravity setting is available, providing the best position for massaging the legs – with airbag stimulation helps to increase circulation and promte wellbeing.

The chair is also equipped with the "Free Thumb" jointed massage head unit where the massage heads move freely like a thumb. This enables the chair to grip shoulder muscles and knead them firmly, allowing the massage to concentrate on specific areas.

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