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Product Code: Relaxfit RF 6020


 Premium High End Massage Product
 Massage rolls with integrated heating
 Unique Real-Time Sensor System
 Multiple, individual, specialized automatic programs
 Zero-Gravity Position
 Shiatsu Plus Massage
 Rolling / stretch massage
 Kneading Massage
 Tapping / relax massage
 Combined massage
 Direct neck massage
 Remote control with touchscreen
 Air pressure massage in the armrest
 Air pressure massage in the seat
 Air pressure massage in the backrest
 Air pressure massage in the shoulders position
 Foot reflex massage with heating system
 Calf massage with air pressure
 Automatic shoulder positioning
 4-Rolls-Massagesystem inspired from the human hand
 Automatic shiatsu point positioning
 Speed and width adjustable in multiple steps
 massage individually and manually adjustable with the
remote control
 Backrest and footrest Infinitely variable and independent
from each other adjustable
 Colored display
 Timer with shutdown automatic
 Length adjustable footrest
 Space saving
 Inclusive special neck support pillow
 Transport rolls for easy transport
 Sessel ergonimically formed
 High Quality product with soft leather